Antenna Tweaker

Here is a neat little circuit that I got from Paul W0AIH. He uses this circuit to
tune up each antenna when moving between SSB and CW to keep his Alpha amps happy. It
is not really an antenna tuner.... but more of a tweaker. It will handle legal limit
power. Just make sure that you perform the tune-up using low power with some thing
like RTTY.

Paul's tune-up trick is use a Drake W4 watt meter set to reverse. He then keys up
the radio using low power and the RTTY mode. Then adjust the selector switch for the
best setting including flipping the toggle switch. Then adjust the variable capacitor
for the best reading. This should be enough to allow you to use a properly tuned antenna
from one end of the band to the other end at legal limit power.

73 de NG0R