CQWW SSB Contest from W0AIH

I spent most of the weekend (other than during my son's birthday party) at W0AIH working
the contest. As usual I had a blast working from the FARM. Paul is
a great host and I really enjoy working from his multi-op station.

We had a huge storm roll through Friday night which killed the low bands. The low
bands were pretty poor all weekend and will negatively affect our final score. 10m
and 15m were very busy which was a positive for us. Our rates on 10m & 15m were
better than our rates on 20m for most of the contest. We were short a couple of warm
bodies as well. We normally like to have a run and spotting station for each of the
low bands which we did in limited fashion due to the amount of operators that we had.

Go MWA!             Here
is a slideshow of pictures from the FARM.