New one - FP/VE7SV

I spent a little bit time tonight working in the shack. While Jacob and Ben worked
on the "Freddy the Fish" preschool game I worked on setting up the VE7CC
packet application
and XMLog.
I was able to finally get everything integrated with the radio. To test things out
I worked FP/VE7SV on
a 40m split running CW. 

Pierre & Miquelon
is a little island out in the Atlantic someplace east of Canada.
It is not a really long haul.... but it is a new one in the log and it is even a CW contact.
It will count towards my DXCC.

PS... A quick follow up.  (Posted at 10:22pm)

  • I also got them on 80m (CW.)

  • I can hear them on 30m (CW) but they are not hearing me.

  • It appears that I have a coax problem on 40m that I will need address later this week. 

73 DE NG0R