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New Year's Movies

I managed to take in a couple of movies over the holidays.   Yes, of course we took the family to see the new Star Wars flick.  It was decent but I was a little underwhelmed as it felt like they brought back all of the old characters and the old story vs. charging forward.  <sigh>

I went and saw The Hateful Eight by myself.  The movie was full of surprises which was a nice change.

  • I thought that the 1/2 half of the movie was a done in the spirit of some of some great westerns... I was very impressed. --Great scenery, photography, characters, and music.
  • The second half of the movie was classic Quentin Tarantino.

It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.  

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Friday work time in the shop

New Year's Day was a day off from work which means: SHOP TIME

Jacob  working on some primitive metal arrowheads for a bow project

Jacob heating up some PVC for a DIY bow project

A steel plate setup on the vertical mill to be drilled out for a project

I spent Friday cleaning a 4x8 foot section of the workbenches while Jacob was working on his projects. It is amazing how much bulk nuts & bolts that I purchase. It takes more time than you think to sort all of it and put into parts bins.

It was a good 5-6 hours spent in the shop. Some of the most relaxing time that I have had in several months.

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Summits on the Air K0M/NE-020

I was in northeastern Minnesota taking pictures of the fall leaves changing colors. While I was cruising around I pull up PocketSota on my phone to see what peaks were potential targets in the area that I was in.

i put 15 contacts into the log in about 28 minutes. After that I packed up the KX3 and the vertical so that Max "The Wonder Dog" and I could get back on the road chasing the fall color.

73 de NG0R