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Field Day 2015 - Montana

We had a little road trip to the Double Arrow fire tower near Seeley Lake, MT 

Ben (N2BEN - 14) and I (NG0R) had a good time in Montana. We did not see any bears this year (unlike last year).  We had a great Friday afternoon with our mountain bikes and visiting some waterfalls.

It was pretty hot (almost 100F on Saturday & Sunday) and completely dry. It was nice being close to the town of Seeley Lake which has a GREAT bbq joint. Overall the trip was pretty fun and will make for a nice presentation that I can share with some of our local radio clubs. It was doing all of fabrication and testing prior to the trip.

73 De NG0R & N2BEN

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Lulzbot Taz 5 bubbles - failure

The Lulzbot Bot 5 has failed again for the second time in less than 3 months.

The heated print bed failed and started to delaminate. The massive air bubbles are the result. It made printing unreliable and an 80% failure rate.

The warranty process SUCKED.  The tech folks were great but the management was a bunch of jerks. They are so customer un-friendly that I would recommend people purchase a 3D printer from someone else.

I ended up having to buy a replacement bed.. wait for slow shipping... swap the beds... ship the old bed back... and wait several weeks for my money to refunded.  They had NO sense of urgency or understanding that people might be doing real work on their machines.

I can't express adequately how disappointed that I am with their warranty process.

I love my Taz 5 but I would not buy it again and not from Lulzbot... bummer for them since I will share this experience with everyone that I know.  

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Ben testing the new bear gun

We have a trip to Montana coming up soon. We bought a new bear gun for the trip and thought that it might be a good idea to test it at the range prior to going to Montana.

Ben (14) shooting a M&P 45 ACP

Catching the brass on a tarp for reloading

The 45 was pretty fun to shoot. The shells are huge compared 9mm. It is an impressive comparison in person. Overall we were pretty happy with the M&P 45 ACP.