Sunday Project

I started the weekend playing in the ARRL VHF contest but the bands conditions in my area sucked so I decided that it was going to be a part effort at best.

I have some kits that have been sitting in boxes for a while waiting for some quality time on work bench so that I could bond with them. I decided to work in the K1EL K42c CW keyboard interface & cw reader.

The project takes about three hours to assemble. It has plenty of testing steps so actually assmebly time is probably about 2 hours.

The project has two interesting items:

  1. It allows you to plug in a PS2 keyboard and send CW without an external computer or laptop.
  2. It has a CW decoder

The kit tests out fine so the next step is integrating it into my SO3R/S04R station. I need to reroute an AF cable and split the audio and I should be good to go.

Like my previous experiences with K1EL kits... simple, fast, and hassle free.


73 de NG0R