Retro 75

Sunday night's bench time was spent on the resistors.....

As Cristy and the boys were watching the Lord of the Rings dvd in the family room I went to visit my workbench. I checked into the Meeker County radio club Net on 146.685mhz and then went over the the QRP/builder conference on EchoLink. (I was using the Qtel client on an Ubuntu laptop... rock solid!)

While waiting for my turn in the rotation on those nets I was working on putting the resistors on the board for the Retro 75.  This generated a lot of conversation on EchoLink about Dave Benson's kits over at the Small Wonder Labs. It was pretty clear that Dave has a lot of fans in the builder community.

The picture shown above is after two sessions working on the kit. Yesterday Ben (9) and Joe (7) installed the capacitors and tonight I did the resistors solo. (I guess kids like movies more than kit building... what is up with that.)

The picture was taken on a new homebrew (DiY) copy stand for my digital camera. That was the project for this morning. I want to be able to do a better job documenting my kit and project work. About $30 in parts from the local hardware store and about 2 hours and the copy stand was in business.

73 de NG0R